What is coaching?

Coaching is a form of structured personal interaction where a coach supports a person on his or her journey towards the achievement of professional and personal goals. Coaching can be done individually or in small groups.

Stages in a coaching relationship:

  • Identify goals and issues
  • Develop a tailored coaching program
  • Have conversations during which insightful questions are used to explore situations and behaviours and reframe ways of thinking and being
  • Suggest exercises, practices and resources to reach objectives
  • Accompany the coachee towards sustainable changes

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Coaching is a proven way to:

  • Determine real issues and desired outcomes
  • Zero in on what needs changing
  • Examine assumptions, thoughts, attitudes and their consequences
  • Open up new ways
  • Review and challenge current practices
  • Make sustainable changes
  • Build, maintain or restore productive relationships

What some clients say about their coaching experience with Louise (excerpts of actual evaluations):

They are more aware of their actions and their ways of doing and being.

They draw a deep satisfaction from having made a difficult decision. They eliminate behaviours that do not serve them well.

They feel empowered to intervene in certain matters, as the issue at hand is clearer.

They make tangible progress.

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